What’s the absolute best annuity for Income Planning?

annuity educationIs the annuity you are presenting to client’s the absolute best solution for your client?  Will it provide the highest guaranteed income payment based on their given scenario?  The answer is probably not.  We’ve found that a lot of Producers have found 1 or 2 or even 3 specific annuities and rolled with them for most of their clients even though there probably is an annuity out there that will outperform your solution.  I also see these Producers lose a case or two because of competition down the street.


Why do the annuities I sell get outperformed?  The answer is that one specific annuity isn’t the best solution for everything.  Over the last few years, annuities have constantly changed almost on a monthly basis some cases.  One factor within the annuity can change the entire scenario.


So how do I prevent this in the future?  How do I provide the best solution for my clients EVERYTIME

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