What Questions Should I Be Asking?

annuity think tankWhat questions should an advisor ask their clients?  We can think of many, but whatever questions you ask be specific.


Take the time to get to know your clients’ needs and desires for retirement (ask the right questions).  When you are meeting with your clients’, get detailed on what their financial goals are, how they want to spend their money, how much do they want to save, how much do they want to pass to their heirs.  The more specific you can help your clients get with these goals, the better plan you can build to get them there.  You will also build more trust and provide more peace of mind to your clients as they have a better understanding of what their own goals are and how you are going to get them there.


Many people tend to think and plan for their goals (including retirement) in general terms.   Ask your clients more specific questions about their retirement goals and then you can develop a plan that will help them reach them.

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