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Safe Money Alternatives

When I talk about the term “safe money”, what I am referring to is simply money you can’t afford to lose.  Depending on your age, your safe money may be a larger or smaller portion of your portfolio.  If you are anything like my parents, the term safe money is talked about, and coming up  Full Article…


Annuity Caps

You may be wondering what an annuity cap is and what it means for your annuity.  If you have an annuity cap, then you have what is known as a fixed-indexed annuity.  In a fixed-indexed annuity you have the opportunity to participate in a market index return while also eliminating any losses.   A cap  Full Article…


Indexed Annuities Sales Are Up

There’s a reason so many folks buy these products. Where else are you going to get a guarantee for income for life without the potential of loss?   Evanston, IL, —Despite a difficult interest rate environment, income annuity sales grew almost 18% in fourth quarter and nearly 7% in 2011, according to estimates from the  Full Article…


How Can I Pay for College

 Those of you who are parents and have clients that are parents eventually come to the topic of paying for college. Whether in a social setting or during the discovery process, it is one the of the highest needs clients are looking to have met.  They can be younger and wanting to grow their money  Full Article…


Retirees Worst Fear

A survey of retirees asked “What is your greatest fear about retirement?” The most common answer given was “out living our money”. This is a major factor in why over 80% of annuities sold in 2010 had a guaranteed lifetime income rider attatched. There are more variaties of these riders today than ever before. This is  Full Article…