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3 Reasons to Buy a Fixed Indexed Annuity Now

While interest rates continue to hover around record lows, many investors and retirees are apprehensive about purchasing an annuity until the rates rise again. Waiting for the rates to return to a “normal” level may not be in the best interest of the investor. Although the fixed indexed annuity (FIA) products may not appear to  Full Article…


Indexed Annuities Sales Are Up

There’s a reason so many folks buy these products. Where else are you going to get a guarantee for income for life without the potential of loss?   Evanston, IL, —Despite a difficult interest rate environment, income annuity sales grew almost 18% in fourth quarter and nearly 7% in 2011, according to estimates from the  Full Article…


Retirees Worst Fear

A survey of retirees asked “What is your greatest fear about retirement?” The most common answer given was “out living our money”. This is a major factor in why over 80% of annuities sold in 2010 had a guaranteed lifetime income rider attatched. There are more variaties of these riders today than ever before. This is  Full Article…


How Indexed Annuities Can Maximize Gain and Minimize Risk

The overall markets experienced significant peaks and valleys over the last decade, and many watched as their retirement accounts were decimated and built back up, only to lose value yet again.   As advisors, we sometimes shy away from talking with our clients about products that can help them truly diversify their investment portfolio while  Full Article…


Should You Buy an Index Annuity with an Income Rider?

Everyday we are seeing a more and more people fleeing the volatility of the market to purchase fixed annuities. Although some of the more risk adverse clients are purchasing the traditional fixed annuities, but many are hedging their retirement by purchasing fixed indexed annuities.   There are many reasons why this is happening. Consumers now have a product where  Full Article…