Middle-Class Woes An Advisor Opportunity?

annuity think tankAccording to a recent survey by Nestwise, LPL Financial’s new online planning service for middle-class investors, almost half of all middle-class households spend all that they make every single month.  While this is a troubling fact, the survey did gleam some good news for financial advisors.  Of those surveyed, 65% said they wished to have someone they could trust to help them with their financial decisions and investment strategy.  Furthermore, 61% felt that they need a better approach to planning.



Over  1,000 investors responded to the survey, which focused heavily on three major cities:  Atlanta, Dallas, and Denver.  Those participants ranged in age from 27-55 and had incomes of $50,000 to $150,000.  The survey also found that 47% are concerned about their retirement savings, 43% were concerned about increased taxes, and 33% expressed anxiety about the value of their home and real estate.

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