Looking for Guaranteed Income?

annuity educationAn annuity is a great option for guaranteed income.  Essentially, you pay premiums to an insurance company, and in return you receive guaranteed income for life.  It is important to understand how annuities work and how they can help you retire comfortably.


If you are thinking about purchasing an annuity be sure to do your homework.  It is important to research multiple companies and options to find what is best for you.  Consult an advisor who can provide you with unbiased advice on products that will fit your situation.  Visit Annuity 123’s network of advisors to search for an unbiased retirement income specialist in your area.


Annuities can provide safety and many other benefits to your retirement portfolio.  In addition to guaranteed income, you may want death benefits, nursing home care, long-term care, etc., and annuities can provide these benefits for you as well.  Annuities can allow you to participate in market gains while providing downside protection.  Make sure you take the time to learn how annuities can fill holes in your retirement plan by providing income guaranteed for the rest of your life.  Check out this article from Annuity Think Tank on Guaranteed Income.

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One Response to “Looking for Guaranteed Income?”

  1. Ridhima Sharma February 25, 2013 at 6:20 am #

    Thanks for describing how Guaranteed Income is a great way for an annuity. Annuity in Guaranteed plan provides me safety and death benefits when my retirement will near. For Further information about Guaranteed Plan people can also http://bit.ly/GMfWK5.

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