Indexed Annuities Are Key to Sustaining a Successful Lifelong Income

annuity think tankFixed indexed annuities (FIA) are needed in order to sustain income throughout a life span.  For most retirees adding an FIA with the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider is the best way to ensure the success of their retirement income planning.  Research conducted by Security Benefit, a Guggenheim owned insurance company, shows that for retirement plans that include an FIA the success rate of achieving retirement income goals throughout life are much greater.  Although using FIAs to fund a retirement completely may not be the ideal plan for anyone, using an FIA as part of a retirement income plan should be an idea that every retiree reviews for their personal income plan.


To get more information on fixed indexed annuities and to compare annuity rates visit the Annuity Think Tank.



To read the recent article about the use of FIAs in retirement plans, click here.




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