How to predict your 2013 Annuity Marketing Success

ATT headRecently a quick assessment was posted on Life Health Pro by Maribeth Kuzmeski.  According to Kuzmeski, answering these 8 questions will tell you a lot about your marketing strategy for this year.

1) Do you have an up to date website? And does the site have a call to action to engage your prospects?

2) Do you have a video on your site?

3)  Do you have a marketing program that generates at least five new qualified leads per month?

4)  Do you have a list of prospects greater than 500 for mass marketing campaigning?

5)  How often do you contact your list of prospects?

6) How many prospects are likely to do business with you this year?

7)  How many referrals did you get last year?

8)  How many referrals did you get this year so far?


Kuzmeski provides an answer key for you to evaluate your strategy.   So why does she immediately bring up websites, call to action, and videos?  Because marketing even to seniors, as in retirement planning marketing, now requires an online presence to truly maximize a retirement income planner’s business opportunities.  More and more aging Americans are online these days and many are going to the internet for research and second opinions on their retirement plans.  In order to capitalize on digital marketing to retirees many advisors have found that partnering a with Digital Marketing Organization or DMO is very beneficial to their overall marketing and referral generating strategies.


For more information on marketing for annuities and retirement planning visit the Annuity Think Tank.


To get the assessment from Life Health Pro, click here.




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