Financial Meltdown

annuity think tankA financial meltdown like the one that we experienced recently can deplete any sized retirement account.  What if you could protect yourself from any financial meltdown and know that you would never lose your principal? And what if you could still participate in the market upswings at the same time?


Annuities may be the answer you are looking for.  They can provide protection that you will never lose your principal while at the same time providing guaranteed income for life.  Does it sound too good to be true?  Turns out it’s not, however, you will incur some fees for cost of insurance and your upside will be capped, but your principal will can be preserved.


A fixed indexed annuity allows the policy holder to link their returns to a market index while also guaranteeing they will never lose money.  Would you take a smaller return on years with high returns to protect your retirement from years with low years?


Consult your retirement specialist to find out more about fixed indexed annuities.

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