Don’t want to run out of money in retirement? Here are 5 ways to ensure that doesn’t happen.

annuity think tankFor most retirees, one of the biggest fears is outliving their retirement savings.  The good news is that there are ways to create a lifelong income stream that cannot be outlived.  So how do you create this income stream?  Here are 5 ways to create retirement income that cannot be outlived:








  1. Social Security
  2. Pension
  3. Annuity
  4. Systematic withdrawals
  5. Paying off the house


Social Security is a key building block as it is a guaranteed benefit.  For those who are fortunate enough to have a pension, this income also guaranteed.  For many who do not have a pension or when their pension plan cannot guarantee enough income for retirement, purchasing an annuity is ideal to create a lifetime income stream that cannot be outlived, while guaranteeing that there is no risk to principal if the income stream goes unused.  Systematic withdrawals can help ensure retirement savings aren’t depleted to quickly.  By paying off the house, usually the largest monthly expense, a much lower monthly income is needed to ensure a successful retirement.


For more retirement planning tips and to find out more about annuities, visit the Annuity Think Tank.


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