Contacting Annuity Prospects Often Enough Without Pestering Them

annuity think tankIt can take as many as 10-12 email or phone call contact attempts before you reach a prospect, so how do you continue contacting a prospect without pestering them?  By becoming a content expert or in this case an annuity specialist, you can provide value thus negating the thoughts of being a pest in your prospects point of view.  By emailing relevant retirement planning ideas, industry trends, new policy changes, and other retirement related topics you can become a retirement world expert and when the prospect is looking for advice who will they turn to?  They will look to the person who they feel is an expert in the retirement field and since you have presented yourself in this manner you have greatly increased the opportunity to land the prospect.



For more retirement advisor marketing and sales ideas and to compare annuity rates visit the Annuity Think Tank.



To read the entire article from Life Health Pro on prospecting, click here.



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