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Hybrid Annuity Review

The last twelve months have been a wild one for annuities in general.  Annuities have gained incredible popularity as even many registered financial advisors have finally come to realize that annuities are truly the only retirement vehicle that can contractually guarantee a lifetime income stream.  Moreover, due to all of the demand for annuities, consumers  Full Article…


Do you know why Annuities are Lousy Investments?

Over the last decade of specializing in annuities, we have seen these retirement products compared to all sorts of things.  In particular, annuities seem to always be compared to investments such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, REIT’s, and commodities. Do you know why annuities shouldn’t be compared to these type of investments?  More importantly,  Full Article…


Advisors Marketing Secrets Exposed (Part Two)

In this series, we are going to cover the top four ways that advisors market their practice.  As with any business they are trying to get more of the right kind of clients attracted to their product.  Their product is themselves and their ability to design a plan to best meet the client’s goals.  As  Full Article…