Barron’s Top 50 Annuities

annuity rates | compare annuitiesEvery year Barron’s does a ranking of their top annuities.   To get it down to their top 50, Barron’s reviews hundreds of products and ranked them by category according to the type of annuity.  For instance, Barron’s breaks down the top annuities by “Immediate Payouts”, “Deferred Payouts”, “Fixed Index Annuity With Income Guarantee”, and “Deferred Variable Annuity”.  To make their list is a huge honor and usually requires that the carrier be A rated as well.


As many of our readers know, we are quite passionate about fixed indexed annuities and were glad to see many of our favorite companies that we consult for and represent had made the list.  Click on the following to see the full details (click here).


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