Are You Still Supposed To Save 10% Once You Retire?


So our entire adult lives we are told to save money right?  And I would assume that most of us have heard from either a teacher, parent, or spouse that you are supposed to save at least 10% of anything you make and put it into savings.  And we couldn’t agree more with that philosophy.  However, we would change it a bit to make sure that savers understood that you need to save much more than 10% for every 5 years you don’t save.  Meaning, if you are 40 years old and still haven’t saved anything yet, you need to start saving much more than 10% in order to retire comfortably and not relying completely on government aid.

This great video brings to light a very good question that we assume many people have, which is “Do I still need to save 10% while in retirement”?  Watch the video above to find out!

Watch here on YouTube – “Should you still save 10% while in Retirement?”

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