Are Annuities Rigged? The Answer Might Surprise You.

Here at Annuity Think Tank, we get some pretty interesting questions from consumers in regards to annuities.  Sometimes the questions are things that they heard from a friend, co-worker, or their financial advisor.  Other times it is something that they heard from a talking head like Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, or Clark Howard.  (Read the Clark Howard annuity rebuttal here)

This week we had a consumer email us asking if Annuities are Rigged?  The funny part is that the question was referring to all annuities.  Our first reaction was “What kind of annuity”?  You see, there are numerous types of annuities out there and not many questions about annuities that can apply to all of types of annuities.  To give you a similar example, it would be like asking “Are all cars lemons”?  Of course not!  But a certain percentage are for sure!

So after the question we had our friend Rob Brinkman put together a great video called “Annuities are Rigged“.  Enjoy below.



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