7 Steps to retirement success

annuity think tankRetirement independence is not only financial freedom, but is truly peace of mind.


To reach retirement independence follow these steps:






  1. Pay off debts prior to retirement
  2. Reign in the expenses estimate expenses conservatively
  3. Is enough money saved to cover the expected expenses?
  4. Watch your health, healthcare costs and destroy a retirement plan quickly
  5. Companionship is key to happiness in retirement
  6. Find something worthwhile to occupy your time
  7. Don’t worry, be happy – if you are short on assets, don’t have a companion, or if you haven’t found your worthwhile retirement purpose, stay positive as attitude and contentment with what you have are the keys to feeling independence in retirement.


For more information on retirement planning and how an annuity can generate the income stream needed to cover planned retirement expenses, visit the Annuity Think Tank.


To the read the article on retirement independence, click here.


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