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Archive | April 25, 2013

Pre-Retirement To-Do List for Federal Employees

Having a process in place for your retirement is key.  Taking the proper steps and research for maximizing both income stream and benefits is crucial in planning anyone’s retirement. Today, many federal employees are preparing to retire soon.  The days of planning are ahead for each retiree. Tammy Flanagan of the National Institute of Transition Planning and  Full Article…


An Annuity Education Highlighting the Deferred and Immediate Annuity

An important part of any portfolio should be the consideration of an ‘annuity’ as a way to capture that all-important fixed-income stream during the retirement years.   Insurance companies offer two types of annuities commonly used to provide a source of retirement income.   DEFERRED ANNUITY    This investment vehicle is set up for people  Full Article…


Best Places to Retire for Under $40,000

Emily Brandon at U.S News and World Reports explains where and why Retirees should retire for a mere $40,000 or less!           San Antonio, TX St. Louis, MO Pittsburgh, PA Louisville, KY Little Rock, AR Knoxville, TN Jackson, MS Columbia, SC Augusta, GA Albuquerque, NM