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Archive | January 29, 2013

Facebook referrals for insurance and annuities? It’s coming!

So Facebook just recently announced a new search feature called graph search.  Using graph search, people will be able to search for just about anything and have it show up based on what family members and friends have marked that they liked. According to Corey Dahl of Life Insurance Selling Magazine, this tool could make old referrals seem  Full Article…


Market Timing Debunked Again

As the market roars ahead 6% for the year and much of the country shivers under an Arctic Blast in the middle of Winter, I am reminded of why God created stock analysts: to make the weather forecasters look good.  The idea of tactical asset allocation and market timing in both index annuities and variable  Full Article…


Retirement Considerations

Retirement plans come with growing concerns over how scheduling flexibility will affect retirement benefits, such as Social Security, health care and pension plans. Before signing on the dotted line, consider these  potential problems with phased retirement packages. Pension problems Before signing on, those enrolled in a defined benefit plan — especially workers in public sector  Full Article…


Private Equity Firms and the Annuity Market

A recent trend in the Index Annuity marketplace has been Private Equity firms buying up insurance carriers.  The biggest of these acquisitions was Athene’s purchase of Aviva USA, the #2 seller of FIAs over the last decade.  Now the first primarily Variable Annuity carrier has been bought up with Guggenheim’s recent acquisition of Sun Life.   Full Article…


Allstate IncomeProtector Annuity

Sounds like Allstate recently came up with an attractive looking deferred income fixed indexed annuity.  The fixed indexed annuity from Allstate, called the IncomeProtector, comes with a bonus and a 7% compound income rider that contractually guarantees that they income account portion will be double the initial premium (assuming no withdrawals, RMD’s, etc).  The payout  Full Article…