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Archive | January 20, 2013

When you come to a fork in the Road take it on New FIA illustration Regs

The old saying figures lie and liars figure is no more relevant than in the Financial Services industry and continue to conjure up images of “big tales of whales” under the new implementation of Iowa’s illustration rules that will slowly work their way throughout the country. First, let me go on record as saying that  Full Article…


Why Southwest Air Puts A Scare in 401-(k) Mutual Funds with Indexed Annuities

Among Winston Churchill’s many memorable quotes was the fact that he said if you put two economists in a room, you get two opinions unless one of them is Lord Keynes (John Maynard Keynes), in which case you get three opinions. With the World’s economists printing money faster than Lindsey Lohan probation violations and under  Full Article…


Perpetual Gifts with Punch, Power and POW!

If the lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math, then some new indexed annuities geared toward Generation X are extremely good at providing a way of sticking a toe in the stock market without getting your feet chopped off.  In addition, with the gift tax annual exclusion remaining at $13,000 after  Full Article…