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Archive | January 7, 2013

How You Received a Paycut This Year

There have been many articles written about the recent fiscal cliff tax increases being averted for all but the “wealthiest” Americans (“Wealthiest” is considered $200k+ individuals and $250k+ for families).  However, what is being swept under the rug is the fact that 77% of middle income Americans ARE seeing a tax increase.   Why  Full Article…


Fiscal Cliff Deal “Doesn’t Cut It”?

We all heard in the news over the last week that lawmakers in Congress and the White House passed a deal to avert the Fiscal Cliff.  However, many third party budget watch-dogs feel that this “deal” was a band-aid and failed to cut much if any of the $16.4 Trillion debt or address any of  Full Article…


Free Retirement Software

Are you maximizing your potential as a financial professional?  Do you want to super-charge your career, increase production and become more successful?  We can get you free access to a retirement analysis software that is designed to help your clients understand and manage their post retirement situation. It can serve as a roadmap for retirement  Full Article…