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Archive | January 6, 2013

What About Gold?

Is it time to buy Gold? Bill Baruch still says yes.  You can hear from him here:  Gold is a very weird place right now. Just a hint of QE ending in 2013 pushed gold down significantly.  The question becomes is this a buying opportunity or is it time to get out of this trade.  Full Article…


Is Permanent the New Temporary after Cliff Deal?

They say that Congress has its own dating service just like E-Harmony  and Annuity Harmony except that no one in either party wants to pay. That certainly was validated with the recent Cliff deal which to use the now proverbial “kick the can down the road” to next Fiscal Cliff II, otherwise known as the  Full Article…


Top pundits Gross and Fink offer Glum Forecast for 2013 after Cliff Deal

As it goes economists and analysts are paid life weather man to forecast the market not forecast it accurately. In fact the number of economists that have a grade of “B” or better over the last 30 years and outperformed the bond indices can be counted on two hands.  The number of bond fund mutual  Full Article…