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Archive | November 26, 2012

Muni Bonds

Another casualty of the “fiscal cliff” may be municipal bonds. Municipal bonds currently have a tax free status, but industry experts believe lawmakers could limit how much income investors could deduct.  If that were to happen, it would obviously make muni bonds less attractive and the cost of borrowing for entities that use municipal finance  Full Article…


VA Sales on the Decline

Variable Annuity Sales have declined 8% to $36.6 billion, driven down during the 3rd quarter by a low interest rate environment.  Fixed annuity sales also fell by 13% in the 3rd quarter to 17.7 billion. That’s the lowest since 2007.    The uncertain economic environment is causing companies to reevaluate their risk management strategies, becoming  Full Article…


3 Annuity Mistakes to Avoid

According to John Olsen, president of Olsen Financial Group, and author of a number of books on annuities, including “Index Annuities: A Suitable Approach,” “both immediate and deferred annuities have been shown to have a very positive role in an overall retirement-income strategy, but the deployment of these instruments is often hampered by some very  Full Article…