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Archive | November 1, 2012

Sandy Scammer

The effects of Sandy are still being felt. Trees are down, flooding, power outages, loss of transportation and the list goes on. Another affect to be wary of from Sandy are scams. Phishing expeditions for donations to charities to help the victims of Sandy are circulating. People are emotional after such a devastating event and  Full Article…


The Impact of Hurricane Sandy

Even with all the damage that Hurricane Sandy caused, one silver lining is that we shouldn’t see much, if any spike in gasoline prices. Gasoline prices were falling before Sandy struck, and nationally, at least, they’ve continued to drop in the storm’s aftermath. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline stands at $3.52,  Full Article…


Why an annual customer survey buttons down a bust out 2013!

  JC Penney once said ‘that the well satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts” Too many advisers will not do a business plan in the midst of one of the most challenging markets in a generation and then wonder why their business flatlines. Others will forget to refine their success through probing  Full Article…