10 Secrets That 401(k) Plans Do NOT Want You To Know

If you have read the book, “Savior Retirement“, then you have already been warned of the major flaws that 401(k) plans have in regards to retirement income.  Americans have been fooled into believing that 401(k)’s will be sufficient enough to last them through retirement, and unfortunately the first wave of 401(k) owners hitting retirement are waking up to realize that there are many things wrong with 401(k)’s.   We came across an excellent article by Elizabeth O’Brien on Smart Money titled, “10 Things 401(k) Plans Won’t Tell You” this week that we couldn’t resist sharing.   Below is a list of the Top 10 Secrets.  Make sure to read the full article to get more insight into each secret.


10 Secrets That 401(k) Plans Do NOT Want You To Know


  1. We weren’t meant to carry the weight of your future
  2. We have no clue how much cash you’ll need in retirement…
  3. …and figuring it out isn’t high on our agenda
  4. The system isn’t working for employees — or employers
  5. Fee transparency?  What fee transparency?
  6. You’re losing years worth of savings to fees
  7. but things are starting to improve
  8. Fewer choices doesn’t mean better ones
  9. Small business employees are missing out
  10. Auto-enrollment alone won’t save you


Once again, make sure to check out the original article for all of the fine details -  “10 Things

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  1. Kevin Ivey February 4, 2013 at 6:32 pm #

    Nice. Proudly pilfering.

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